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Facebook Mouse Hunt Games Tricks and Tricks & Cheat

At first let me show ya a great cheat of Facebook Mouse hunt.

What If you have a bot who can play horn for ya? That would b great i know.. so here u go…

After install this script keep open a mouse hunt window in your mozilla firefox and relax .. Hope you’ll enjoy…

Okay now.. lets discover some issue in Mouse Hunt…

How to earn SB+ (Super Brie) easily?

The daily surveys are nice, because you don’t have to buy anything. And if you add the toolbar, you can earn 3 pieces a day just by searching on Yahoo.

i keep getting splintered pieces of wood or meteorite pieces for loot and i haven’t the slightest idea what i’m supposed to do with it. anyone have any ideas?

well, splintered wood can be used to craft things later on in the game, like the Ambush trap and Combat cheese. Don’t underestimate loot now, because it comes in handy during later stages of the game! If you can, try crafting MOON cheese with your meteorite pieces - they are effective against LYCAN mice. If you don’t know the recipes, just go to the wiki and find the page on Moon cheese (or look at the cheat sheet).

What should i buy

- Buy High Tension Spring ( 75 Physical Power ) then get some Cheddar

- don’t buy 500 Pound Spiked Crusher. it just wasting of money for newbie.

- buy Wooden Base with Target ( 75 Power ), it will attract more mouse then get some

- The Horsey is pretty much like the Trebuchet except for the power. The Horsey has awesome luck though.

- DeathBot if you have the PartyHat. If you don’t, just pick the one that you think looks cooler or something.

Basic Advice


Keep the base, it’ll be very handy for a LONG time! Try to use only cheddar or marble for now. Save money to get the Mary Mousenet trap…it has a significant luck factor. Try to hunt in the meadow until u get the Mary trap…the mice will be too strong if u try to hunt in the town w the glue trap.

Don’t do…

* Never use SB+ in early level..

* FW Gold is is harder to earn than MouseHunt gold. So never trade with them..

Misc Tips (from verious players in MH)

What you need to catch the Acolyte?

A: Expect to catch one Acolyte in 2,500 hunts. For this you will need at most 1,250 runes and 1,250 pieces of SB+. My attraction rate in the Acolyte realm is aprox. 83% so expect to expand about 1040 runes.

Time: If you average 100 hunts in a 1.5 day period, you will need 375 days in the Acolyte realm to catch your mouse. This does not include the time needed to gather the 1,250 runes you’ll need.

Conclusion: Feeling lucky? Really really lucky? Each time you use a rune, you have a 1/2500 chance of getting an Acolyte. If you want to roll the dice, go ahead—just remember that it is a really big dice with the odds stacked way against you.

You’ve scrimped and scraped 100 runes? Be prepared for a thorough disappointment.

The other strategy would be to save your runes. Since you need a year’s worth of hunting for a good shot at the mouse, your chances are much better waiting out the devs. I think in far less than a year, our wailing, crying, whining, gnashing of teeth, will cause them to add some sort of acolyte helper to the game: whether it be a new trap, a new cheese, or just more of the buggers released into the game.

- Dmitri Brengauz

Whats the value?

5 brie + 1 potion + 1500 golg= 5 RB, and 30 SB+ + 1 potion = 30 RB

30 brie + 6 potion + 9000 gold= 30 RB = 30 SB + 1 potion

30 Brie + 6 potiom + 9000 gold = 30 SB + 1 potion

30 brie + 5 potion + 9000 gold = 30sb

If 1 Brie = 200 gold ( at gnawnia), then 30 brie = 6000 gold

15000 gold + 5 potion = 30 SB

15000/30 gold + 5/30 potion = 1 SB

500 gold + 0.166667potion = 1 SB

more tips coming up…

Well….It’s a online application that base on flash so it’s very animated and it’s only playable in facebook. This application allows you to create a pet with a list of face features and body color that you may select. After you’re created your pet you will be transported to a house that your pet owns.In your small little room you can decorate it with a numerous furniture or artifacts that you may buy from stores around your house. In addition, you can also change your wall and tile design. Overall the look and feel of the game is very pleasing to the eye, most importantly it’s a cute and fun application. You can make progress on your pet in lots of ways starting from very basic stuff like feeding, bathing and playing small games with your pet. Read more… »

Mission: African Warlord

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Target: Kemoh Menbolla

Cell Members Required:

Energy Cost:

5 EPs / $40,000

The target is the ruthless rural warlord Kemoh Menbolla. He’s responsible for the deaths of thousands and the western powers want him gone. He travels between the capital and the surrounding villages rallying support and soldiers for his militia. Your team will ambush him at his next rally and take care of business. Read more… »

Okay guys, I’m going to give you the instruction how to solve each mission in The Ultimate Hitman works. Lets start~

Currently im on Level 5’s mission. So lets have a try

Mission: Art Gallery Massacre

Vancouver, Canada

Target: Paul Drake

Energy Cost: 3

Payout: 2 EPs / $18,000

Paul Drake is one of Vancouver’s most influential, artsy fartsy, high high society, intellectuals. No food critic review, art reviewer or musician, can do anything without his support. Other artsy intellect types around Vancouver want that kind of power and the only way to get it is to kill Paul Drake. Several anonymous sweater wearing, Volvo types pooled their money together, in hopes of hiring you to kill this most annoying man.


You learn Paul Drake is curating an art show the night you arrive in Vancouver, it seems like a perfect place and time to splatter his guts, like Jackson Pollock, all over the gallery’s wall; perhaps you can make an art piece out of it. Do you

1: Enter the art gallery normally with a gun in your jacket pocket and if you see Paul Drake, take him out.

2: Wait outside the gallery after the show, and kill Paul Drake as he leaves.

3: Wait for Paul Drake before the show at the main entrance of the gallery Read more… »

Okay, I gonna tell ya the way to won each call mission in FaceBook The Ultimate Hitman. Here is Mission # 1

Cell Mission

Mission: The Dancing Bear

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Target: Bladimir Novokshonoff

Energy Cost: 5

Payout: 5 EPs / $260,000

If you love The Ultimate Hitman in Facebook you will love this tips too. Okay, here you go…

* Go to the Agency page and get the free $5000 if you have not already done so.

* Don’t level up too fast. Hitman is no Mob Wars. Level do no give you an advantage but rather new challenge. A higher levels means you get tougher opponents, minimizing your chance of killing an opponents in a head to head battle. Thus lowering your incoming. Do NOT level up until you have training all the necessary skills and success running all the Cells missions.

* Don’t buy storehouse/weapons/vehicles until you are forced to do so. Items are country base. You buy an AK47 in USA, you need to buy it again if you are going for a mission in London. However the next time you do a mission in New York, your AK47 will be ready for your re-use. So buying without reason won’t help much. Read more… »

Game Introduction

The Ultimate Hitman (aka Hitman from now on) is a RPG game on facebook. It

has some elements of the famous Mob wars, but it has many unique ideas. It is

NOT the copy of Mob Wars with a different theme. So whether you like it or

not, you have to try it out yourselves.

During the time when I started writing this Guide, it was only the fourth week

into the birth of it, so tweaks happens. Also there were rare bugs. So far, none

is fun damaging, so I believe that Hitman has some really clever developers

behind the scene who work on both the writing side and the technical side. I do

believe that Hitman has the potential to be the hottest game of facebook soon

or later.

Newbie, Level 1

Like many other games, Hitman is about building up your stats, leveling up, and

do interesting things. The part that made Hitman unique, is that it is well

balanced between the depth of the game and complication.

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